Care Instructions

We use Tried & True Danish Oil (polymerized linseed oil) when crafting our charcuterie and cutting boards, as we find this natural oil provides the best and longest-lasting finish for hard-working boards.

You can purchase this from Amazon by the pint (which would last most users forever!), or buy around 2 oz direct from us.

Alternately you can use any good quality food safe oil, including: mineral oil, butcher block oil, or any nut oil (such as walnut).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid spontaneous combustion by soaking all oily rags in water, place in a sealed container for proper disposal.


Charcuterie and other boards:

Please download our Care Instructions by clicking here.

Marquetry Trays:

Wipe after each use with a damp cloth, and dry immediately. Any liquid spills, especially alcohol, should be wiped dry immediately.

Periodically clean with a good quality wax paste or other cleaner that is suitable for fine wood.