We sell either in person at juried craft shows or online through our Etsy store where shipping in always fast and free.

If you don’t see something that you love in our store, please contact us to discuss what you are looking for.

Below we present some of our favorite current of past projects – please click to visit our Etsy store to view our current inventory. We are also open to wholesale inquiries – please see our Wholesale page for more information.

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Wood and Epoxy Resin Clocks

Tim uses highly-figured wood and colorful epoxy to craft unique clocks. These can be customized from plain (no numbers), to partial or full numbers, and of course any wood and most epoxy colors. We only use modern silent mechanisms – you can tell these as the hands show a continuous sweep rather than the stop/start movement of older mechanisms.

Our standard clock diameter is 14 inches, although we can make both smaller and larger clocks for custom orders.

Please see our Etsy Store for current inventory.

Cherry Burl and Epoxy Resin Tables and Lazy Susans

Kim makes Lazy Susan turntables using cherry burl and epoxy, and both she and Tim make a range of small unique tables using the burl or other lumber along with colorful epoxy to fill natural defects and make the final table really pop.

Please see our Etsy Store for current inventory.

Marquetry Trays and Game Boards

Tim uses both traditional hand cut marquetry techniques and innovative laser cutting technology to craft unique trays and game boards.

We plan to introduce backgammon boards into our inventory in 2023, and we offer custom chess boards with square sizes ranging from 1″ to 2 1/4″. We will be adding solid wood chess boards into our inventory in 2023.

Please see our Etsy Store for current inventory.

Tealight Holders

Kim uses cherry burl and other woods to craft unique tealight holders. We sell these with battery-operated candles with timers, so you’ll never forget to turn them on or off! When required, Kim adds epoxy resin to add drama and to fill natural imperfections in the wood.

Please see our Etsy Store for current inventory.

Charcuterie and Other Boards

We specialize in organic shapes that are guided by each piece’s unique grain and figure. Many of our customers keep one side pristine for presentation, and use the other for cutting.

The pics above show some of our favorites – mostly now sold – that help you gain an impression of our work. Please see our Etsy Store for current inventory.